San Lorenzo Citizens Fighting Airport Noise

Hayward Airport Layout Plan — Update #1

October 20, 2009

Expansion of jet traffic at the Hayward Airport will depend on expanding the runway, according to a report on airfield alternatives presented to the City Council Airport Committee at its meeting October 15, 2009. (Hayward Airport Layout Plan, Technical Report 1: Airfield Alternatives, July 2009.)

The report describes various "opportunities and constraints" for airport expansion. Opportunities identified include the land now occupied by Skywest Golf Course. The land is on airport property and is leased to the Hayward Area Recration and Parks District (H.A.R.D.) until 2019. At the end of the lease the land could be reclaimed for aviation use. The golf course acts as a noise and fume buffer between the airport and San Lorenzo Village homes.

The extensive industrial buildings west and south of the airport were identified as both an opportunity and constraint. Because these buildings have a high vacancy rate, it is thought that several of these parcels could be purchased for expansion of the airport. However, such purchases could also require costly relocation of businesses and clean up of soil.

It was announced at the Oct. 15 meeting that the City of Hayward has abandoned its long-standing plan to extend West A Street through the airport for the foreseeable future. At an earlier meeting of the Airport Committee the City's director of public works, Bob Bauman, presented two options for extending A Street through the airport. One would require tunneling to avoid interference with runway safety; this option was considered financially unrealistic. The second option was to run the extension of A Street immediately adjacent to San Lorenzo homes; this option was offered as a financially practical alternative, although the City had no assurance that the Federal Aviation Administration would approve the route and the proximity of the road to San Lorenzo homes was considered politically unwise. Once the golf course lease terminates in 2019, the City will likely revisit options for extending A Street.

The report presented Oct. 15 notes that the main focus of revisions to the airport layout plan is to make changes to the primary runway in order to accomodate larger and faster jet aircraft. These changes would have to conform with FAA design guidelines (see airport reference codes).