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Hayward Airport Layout Plan — Update #3

New Airport Layout Plan Is Revealed

May 19, 2010
(Posted Sept. 20, 2010)

A final report on what the City is putting in its latest airport layout plan was released in April. The report describes the existing airport facilities and the factors that are believed to drive expanded demand at the airport. These factors are principally a different mix of aircraft making use of the airport and new facilities supporting those aircraft.

According to the report, the main goal of updating the airport layout plan is to "enhance the airfield for the current business jet operations" (page 2-9). The key operational change proposed for the airport, and the focus of the updated airport layout plan, is a change in runway configuration. This change involves translating runway 10R-28L 196 feet to the west as well as installing an "engineered materials arresting system" (EMAS) for runway 28L that would extend into Skywest Golf Course and its parking lot. (EMAS is an area of crushable concrete designed to slow down aircraft that overshoot the runway, with minimal to no damage to the aircraft or injury to passengers.) The parallel runway 28R would be shortened by 480 feet.

Other key recommendations for the updated airport layout plan are:

Many important projects are expected to be completed within a few years, while all projects would be completed by 2020 if there are no problems finding funds. Almost the entire cost of changes in operational features of the airport would be paid by grants from the FAA. Private developers would build new support facilities.

The report includes an "overview" of known environmental sensitivities that could be affected by the new airport layout plan. The overview was prepared by City of Hayward staff. The purpose of the overview is to describe existing environmental conditions at the airport and the surrounding community, and to identify environmentally sensitive areas that may require special attention during the planning, design, or construction of any of the new projects included in the airport layout plan. (This overview is not a formal report on environmental impacts that satisfies state or federal laws.)

The report also contains an analysis of aircraft noise resulting from the proposed runway changes (Appendix I). This analysis does not qualify as a formal environmental impact report under state or federal laws.

The report is available at the airport office (phone 293-8678). Its full title is "Hayward Executive Airport, Airport Layout Plan Update: Final Narrative Report." The report was prepared by a private consulting firm, AECOM of Orange County.