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Hayward Airport Layout Plan — Issues in a Nutshell

The City of Hayward, owner of the Hayward Airport, is beefing up the airport's facilities for business jets (which come and go at all hours). To accommodate larger and faster business jets, the City is revising its "airport layout plan" (ALP), the master plan for design and construction on file with the Federal Aviation Administration.

The annual number of jet operations (take off and landing) has increased from 2,100 to 3,600 in the past two years. The number is projected to reach 11,000 in 2020.

The revision of the airport layout plan began in July 2008 and is being done by DMJM Aviation of Orange, California. An interim report was issued in December 2008 (Hayward Executive Airport, Airport Layout Plan Update: Interim Narrative Report). In July 2009 a report described various options for enlarging the runway (Technical Report 1: Airfield Alternatives).

In April 2010 a final report was issued (Hayward Executive Airport, Airport Layout Plan Update: Final Narrative Report). This report describes the various concepts and alternatives that were considered for the new airport layout plan, presents information and data that support the final choices for continued development of the airport, and presents graphically the ultimate development of the airport. It also includes a list of capital improvement projects for the short term (five years) and long term (to 2020). Finally, the report includes an "environmental overview" of proposed projects shown in the airport layout plan; the "overview" is intended to "summarize and identify the environmental effects that may require further evaluation during the preparation of future environmental analyses" (i.e., analysis of specific projects required under both federal and state law).

Both of these reports are available at the airport administrative office.

The cost of the ALP is being paid almost entirely by federal funds controlled by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Key issues in the revision of the ALP are:

[Revised July 25, 2010]