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Corporate Jets and Suburban Airports

Because of changes at San Jose, Oakland, and San Francisco International Airports, noncommercial aircraft are increasingly using outlying airports like Hayward. In fact, Hayward's plan to expand its airport is based on the expectation that business jets will shift from the Big Three to the Hayward Airport. (The official name of the airport was changed to Hayward Executive Airport in early 1999. According to the airport's director at the time, the change was made to "portray a more business-friendly image of Hayward as the premier Executive Airport in the Bay Area.")

Between 1998 and 2006 the number of business jets based at Hayward Airport increased from five to 32! Among the eight airports in the nine-county Bay Area that support business-jet operations, Hayward Airport had about 6 percent of all business jets in 1998-1999, but by 2006 it had 24 percent!

The articles listed below deal with the growth of corporate jets at suburban airports in general. For articles about particular developments at the Hayward Airport, see News About Hayward Airport.

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Business Jet Crashes Next to Homes in Van Nuys (Jan. 13, 2007) — A small business jet leaving Van Nuys Airport crashed within 100 feet of nearby homes.

Smaller Jets May Transform Airport Traffic (Jan. 18, 2006) — Cheap, small, speedy jets are in hot demand and are expected to increase air traffic at small, underused airports around the country.

Model for Hayward? Growth in Jet Traffic at Santa Monica Airport (June 20, 2005) — Santa Monica Airport is hemmed in by residential neighborhoods, just like Hayward. Yet jet traffic at Santa Monica has increased explosively since 2000

Private Jets a Growing Airport Trend (March 13, 2004) — Corporate jet traffic was up 25 percent nationwide in 2003 and locally accounted for nearly one in every three flights taking off or landing in San Jose.

Corporate Planes: Perks or Necessities? (Sept. 23, 2001) — Corporate jets are often regarded as perks of top executives, but 86 percent of the users are senior and middle managers.

Business Jets Present Easier Hijack Opportunities (Sept. 21, 2001) — With security concerns in the wake of terrorist hijackings focused exclusively on scheduled passenger service, corporate jets at small airports become a more attractive target for hijacking.

Market for Corporate Jets Continues to Look Up (July 18, 2001) — Through 2010 the production of corporate jets will increase 80 percent over the previous 10 years.

Hey, You're Worth It (June 2001) — Time-sharing of private jets ("fractional ownership") is making corporate jets affordable -- and more prevalent.

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Corporate Jets Want More Space at Concord Airport (Jan. 14, 2000)

Corporate Jet Charters Increasing (Nov. 30, 1999) — Use of private jets by company executives is increasing 10 percent each year, exemplified by Kaiser Air at Oakland International Airport.

Scottsdale Airport (Jan. 4, 1999) — This small-town suburban airport became Arizona's busiest corporate jet facility in just a few years.

Centennial Airport (Feb. 23, 1997) — This suburban airport outside Denver was inundated with corporate jets after construction of the new international airport at Denver.