Board of Directors
Hayward Area Park and Recreation District

Minutes of the Meeting March 23, 2009



Staff reported that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires the Hayward Executive Airport to update its airport Layout Plan to be consistent with the critical size of aircrafts using the airport. As a result of more operations by larger and faster aircraft using the airport, the City must implement revised safety distances to include the extension of the Aircraft Safety Area at the end of the runway, which will impact Skywest Golf Course as well as the City's planned West A Street Extension Project. City Staff, along with the consultant, have been working with the FAA to determine the impacts and possible solutions.

Staff introduced Mr. Robert Bauman, Director of Public Works, City of Hayward, who was in attendance at the meeting to present an informational power point on the Impact of the Proposed Reliever Route Project and Airport Layout Plan Update on Skywest Golf Course; namely, the I-880/SR92 Reliever Route Project and the Hayward Executive Airport Reclassification and Layout Plan.

Mr. Bauman referred to the Airport Layout Plan, which he reported continues to be discussed with HARD Staff as it relates to the Phase I of the I-880/SR92 Project and impacts of the project on Skywest Golf Course and, in particular, to look at ways to minimize impact on the golf course. He outlined the objectives and the scope of the I-880/SR92 Reliever Route Project, one of which is an extension of West A Street from Golf Course Road to Corsair Avenue, completion of which would provide a better access in and out of the City's industrial area, relieve congestion on several major arterials and help relieve congestion in the future, to be funded with Measure B Funds, which he pointed out has critical deadlines.

Mr. Bauman outlined the Hayward Executive Airport Layout Plan, which was being prepared to comply with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) safety standards for critical size aircraft now using the Hayward Executive Airport that includes faster, larger jet aircrafts, which will change the airport's classification from a B-2 to a C-2. He said this would require increasing the safety area located at the end of the runway from 300 feet to 1,000 feet, and the width from 400 feet to 500 feet; increasing the object free area from 800 feet to 1,000 feet, with no rigid structures, moving vehicles or solid trees in the Aircraft Safety Zone or the Object Free Area, to comply with the safety standards of FAA. Mr. Bauman discussed the impact of the Airport Layout Plan on Skywest Golf Course and the adjacent residents. He reported that City staff has been working with District staff to review all alternatives being proposed and to identify the most feasible one. He outlined one of those as being the Surface Street Option for West 'A' Street Extension, and a Tunnel Alternative for West 'A' Street Extension. Mr. Bauman stated that both the Surface Street Option and the Tunnel Alternative would require relocation of the golf course parking lot and modifications to the golf course layout. Mr. Bauman referred to the over $35 million in construction costs for the tunnel alternative, which he stated is significantly higher than the budgeted funds in the amount of $10 million only.

Mr. Bauman during his presentation, advised the Board that even if the West 'A' Street Extension were not constructed, changes to Skywest Golf Course would have to be made to accommodate the Hayward Executive Airport's Safety Requirements. He said that the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District might be eligible for Federal Airport Improvement Program Funding to assist with the safety modifications that would require a relocation of the existing parking lot at the golf course, and modifications to the golf course layout.

Mr. Bauman said that the City of Hayward Staff and H.A.R.D. Staff continue to work together to explore all possible alternatives to minimize impacts, as well as gather information on road use and parking counts at Skywest Golf Course to help seek solutions and, eventually find out what other things can be done. Mr. Bauman concluded that the Reliever Route Project and an update of the Airport Layout Plan is certainly a challenge, with no solution at this time.

General discussion transpired on the construction cost estimates. Mr. Bauman reiterated that the construction cost for Alternative 2, the West 'A' Street Extension Tunnel is significantly higher and not within the current budget of the City of Hayward, which is about $10 million. Director Hodges referred to traffic mitigation funds that might be available for the established spheres of influence. Mr. Bauman referred to traffic impact fee that is earmarked for new development only, which the developer pays into for certain improvements, and the absence of any other funding sources.

With reference to the Skywest Golf Course property being under the jurisdiction of the City of Hayward and operated under a Lease Agreement with the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District since 1964, Director Andrade stated that the ultimate decision in the matter would be the City's. Mr. Bauman responded that the City of Hayward has to abide by the requirements of the FAA as they relate to the Hayward Airport, and to insure that there are no violations.

Director Jameson pointed out that the West 'A' Street Extension, coupled with modifications necessary to accommodate the aircrafts, appears to be the biggest problem. The Board of Directors reiterated the tremendous impact of the project on Skywest Golf Course. Mr. Bauman referred to the Airport Layout Plan Revision coordinated with FAA that stipulates that the Hayward Airport's existing B-2 category and classification is no longer applicable and addressed the factors that have contributed to the change, a significant one being the Hayward Airport's role as a Reliever Airport, and the redistribution of traffic from the hub airports to neighboring reliever airports such as Hayward, all of which has prompted the FAA to re-examine growth and development of the Hayward Airport and its' classification from B-2 to C-2 by 2020.

Director Andrade referred to absence of an Environmental Impact Report and reiterated the inability of H.A.R.D. being able to do anything to lessen the extensive impact of the planned West 'A' Street Extension project on Skywest Golf Course, and the adjacent residents. He concluded that as a Board Member of H.A.R.D., he would be opposed to either of the Alternatives. Director Jameson expressed her concerns for the 'A' Street Extension and the viability of the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District being able to continue operation of a successful golf course that the District has made an enormous investment in over the years.

President Pereira thanked Mr. Robert Bauman for his attendance at the Board Meeting and for his presentation, comments and responses on the West 'A' Street Extension Project and the Hayward Airport Layout Plan that concluded at 7:40 p.m.