Hayward Air Terminal -- Air Traffic Map

Hayward Air Terminal has two runways. The local air traffic pattern for the two runways is indicated by the heavy black lines in the map below. The same pair of runways is designated 28L and 28R (heading northwest) or 10L and 10R (heading southeast). Under normal weather conditions planes take off and land in a northwesterly direction (runways 28L and 28R). These take-off and landing directions are reversed when winds shift to a southeasterly direction.

The yellow areas are residential areas that are "noise sensitive" to flights in and out of the airport. The green arrows are the take-off routes recommended by the airport management to minimize noise over nearby residential areas. The red line represents the southeast-northwest flight track for commercial jet aircraft landing at Oakland International Airport. This flight track is one of several routes to the Oakland Airport that impact San Lorenzo Village.

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