Hayward Airport 1946

The photo shows the "crosswind" runway, oriented east-west (the wider runway in the left of the photo). San Lorenzo Village is to the left of the runway, largely out of the frame of the photo. Winton Avenue is shown in the lower right.

Because of the orientation of the original runway, planes took off over the bay. The crosswind runway was abandoned in 1969, to allow for commercial development west of the airport, and replaced by the north-south runway seen on the right. With this change planes began taking off over San Lorenzo.

The onslought of noise was so alarming that San Lorenzo residents raised hell in large public meetings. As a result, the City of Hayward adopted an ordinance limiting the noise level of fixed-wing aircraft using the airport. The limits cover only a tiny percentage of planes using the airport and the ordinance does nothing to prevent planes from taking off over San Lorenzo.