Hayward Executive Airport Noise Abatement

[Updated June 19, 2010]

The Hayward Airport has a number of policies that are supposed to minimize noise impacts of airport operations on neighboring residents. The most important of these are a city ordinance limiting the noise level of aircraft using the airport and a recommendation (not a requirement) that pilots turn away from San Lorenzo homes when taking off (see the air traffic map). It also has established preferred (not mandatory) routes for helicopters flying into and out of the airport. For more details, see Aircraft Noise Management at the City of Hayward's website.

The airport manager prepares an annual evaluation of the city's aircraft noise ordinance. The report provides statistics on noise complaints from neighboring residents as well as violations of the ordinance. A summary of each year's report is posted on our website.

Airport management reviews noise monitor data and complaints from nearby residents to determine whether noise is a public nuisance. If you live near the airport and are annoyed by the noise of a low-flying plane over your home, call the noise hotline, which is open 24 hours a day. See About Noise Complaints.

Noise Hotline

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