May 21, 2009


6.1 Update of Hayward Airport/A St. Proposal - Bob Bauman (timed agenda item 8pm)

Mr. Bauman, Director of Public Works for the City of Hayward, gave a report on the West A Street extension project. He indicated that this project had been on the books for sometime and the City had approximately $10 million dollars for funding through Measure A. He introduced two possible alternatives under consideration. The first alternative was a western-most boundary. The street extension would strap around and connect to Corsair Blvd. on the south side of the Airport. Mr. Bauman indicated that this option has potential environmental issues, as it would affect the residents of San Lorenzo and have an impact on HARD (Skywest Golf Course). It also needs coordinating with the FAA.

The second option is a Tunnel Alternative, which would keep the road close to its original alignment by building a tunnel under the area where the Runway Safety Zone extends. The Tunnel Alternative option would add $35 million to the existing cost estimates. Mr. Bauman also stated that because the project is not related to Airport specific projects, it is not likely to be eligible for FAA funding.

Mr. Bauman said that currently the Hayward Airport is classified as a BII type airport. However, it has been operating as a CII facility for quite some time (meaning more planes and larger aircrafts) and would transition to a DII Airport classification by the year 2015. Thus, the airport runway will have to increase from the current 300 feet to 1,000 feet and the width from 400 to 500 feet. In addition, there must be a free zone area of 1,000 feet and a width of 800 feet. As a result , there will be a serious impact to the planned West A Street extension. Further study is being done and the City is exploring options to minimize the impacts that the project will have. These include significant noise and visual impacts to the San Lorenzo residents. Mr. Bauman noted that the City must comply with the FAA requirements or risk the loss of funds given to them in the past and in the future for the airport expansion.

Resident Ernie Crusha stated that to even consider this type of perimeter road is ludicrous. The road would not only affect the 88 homes that abut the golf course, but the entire health of the San Lorenzo Community Crusha stated that he would like the Homes Association to take a public stand against the proposed project.

Resident Kathy Ready agreed with Mr. Crusha and noted that this is the first time that the residents became aware of the City's plans. She is very concerned about the fact that residents had no knowledge before this.

Bauman noted that Hayward did not come to the community earlier because it did not have a plan.

Resident Howard Beckman stated that he is an attorney and specializes in aviation. He said that he is very upset about the City of Hayward's excessive approach to increase the aircraft coming to and from the Hayward airport. Currently this airport has 25% of all the business jets that come into the bay area. He encouraged residents to pay attention to this and to be aware of what is happening to the airport. This will obviously impact our community.

Resident Keith Barros stated that if the residents knew that the Measure A funding would be used to put a road behind San Lorenzo residents homes, many would not have supported the measure.

The Skywest Homes Association spoke against option 1, stating that it would also impact its residents as well as those in the San Lorenzo Homes Assocation.

Resident Lisa Gudjohnson said that she does not believe that the City of Hayward would have updated the community had she not called this to their attention. She noted that several people have called the City and have gotten different answers. She believes that the community should have been notified a long time ago. The idea of a four lane road behind residents is a disaster, not to mention what it will do to the Skywest Golf Course and the wild life that lives there.

Resident Ernie Delligatti, who is also a representative for the San Lorenzo Homes Association on the airport committee, stated that there are several issues with both of the proposals. Future roads in the area, would cause the airport to loose at least 1000 feet of runway and thus the amount of jets in and out of the airport would need to be decreased. He noted that the other option to put a tunnel under the area would create problems with Homeland Security that the City would not be able to mitigate.

Director Medeiros asked whether the airport could just go back to a BII Classification, instead of expanding the airport in such an urban area. Bauman stated that the airport is now a CII due to the airlines coming from the San Jose airport that is overly congested. If they were to downsize they would lose millions of dollars of federal money they have already been granted due to the new classification.

Both Director Martins and President Bieschke asked for more transparency when it comes to projects that border San Lorenzo. The City of Hayward needs to be more aware of its neighbors and the impact on our residents.

Bauman noted that the project bordering San Lorenzo and Skywest is a "non-project" as it stands currently. There are no plans to move forward with it at this time.

The consensus of the Board of Directors was to direct the Administrator to write a letter to the City of Hayward making them aware of how unhappy the community and the Homes Association is with the proposed projects for the A street expansion.