San Lorenzo Citizens Fighting Airport Noise

Hayward Airport Layout Plan Revision

Air National Guard Property

In 1949 the California Air National Guard (ANG) leased 22 acres next to the Hayward Airport. Various units occupied the property and used the airport's now-abandoned crosswind runway. (The crosswind runway ran perpendicular to the existing runways. Its use was abandoned in 1969.)

In 1980 the last flying unit, the 129th Troop Carrier Group, was transferred to Moffett Field in the South Bay. In 2008 the ANG closed most of its facility at Hayward and is now in the process of returning the property to the City of Hayward.

The City of Hayward plans to redevelop this property for aviation uses, greatly expanding the airport's landside facilities in support of increased jet traffic at the airport. In 2009 the City selected a private firm, Hayward Airport Development LLC, to redevelop the site.

See Update on the California ANG Site (July 22, 2010) (link to PDF file).