San Lorenzo Citizens Fighting Airport Noise

Hayward Airport Layout Plan Revision

Fixed-Base Operator Expansion

"Fixed-base operators" (FBO) are aviation-support businesses with physical facilities at the airport. Several FBOs that support jet aircraft are engaged in or have plans for expansion at the airport. These expansion plans are based on an expectation of increases in jet traffic at the airport. See the diagram of airport facilities.

Ascend Development

Ascend Development recently constructed several jet hangars in a complex known as ParkAvion. They are in the process of finalizing a development plan for another parcel, the Epic Aviation parcel. The company would also like to develop additional parcels.

Atlantic Aviation Services

Atlantic leases about eight acres, with no room for expansion. They would like to construct an additional 25,000 square foot hangar.

Bud Field Aviation

Bud Field has construction plans for 13 acres, including 11 hangars and a fuel facility, on the southside of the airport (near West Winton Ave.).

SP Aviation

SP does not have sufficient room to house their aircraft, which are parked at Bud Field Aviation. The company would like about 25,000 square feet of hangar space.