Using the Noise Complaint Log

Click here to print the Noise Complaint Log. Make photocopies or return to the website to print additional copies for future use. Make copies for your neighbors!

Using the complaint log. Use the complaint log to record information about noise that disturbs you, each time you are disturbed (see below). Mail the log to the airport at least monthly (Hayward Airport, 20301 Skywest Drive, Hayward 94541).

What is a complaint? You have a legitimate complaint if aircraft noise annoys you because it is persistent, or is unreasonably loud in your opinion, or occurs at a time you find unreasonable. The mere fact that a plane flies over or near your home is not a good complaint -- but if the plane flies "too low" and thus makes you apprehensive for your safety or the low altitude creates unreasonable noise, you have a right to complain!

You do not have to identify the aircraft that makes noise. However, if you are outside and see the aircraft, try to write down some distinguishing features (small jet, propeller plane, helicopter, "blue body", "big red band around body," bi-winged, etc.). Every aircraft has an identification number, beginning with "N". You are not required to record the number in your complaint, but if you can spot the first or last few numbers, write them down.

What happens to my complaint? The Hayward Airport has a "noise hotline" that you can call to complain about noise. However, it is not always convenient to call, and each time you call you have to listen to a long explanation about noise complaints. San Lorenzo Citizens FAN recommends that you record complaints on the log we provide.

The Hayward Airport logs each complaint and associates the complaint with a particular aircraft using an automated system that tracks all aircraft departing or landing at the airport.

Every airport determines whether and where aircraft noise is a public problem by evaluating complaints. That is why complaints are necessary. Without them, an airport can say there is no problem! The Hayward Airport prepares an annual evaluation of noise for the Hayward City Council in which the number and pattern of complaints are summarized.