Commuter Jet Service at Hayward Airport?

A report on passenger service was presented to the City Council's Airport Committee at a special meeting Feb. 17, 2000. The report concludes that commercial air service "does not seem feasible for Hayward Airport at this time. If market demand changes, if air service patterns at San Francisco International Airport change, and if new commuter airlines providing point-to-point service becomes available in California, then air service at Hayward Airport should be explored."

In light of the fast growth in "regional jets" -- small aircraft that cover short distances between cities that do not have major commercial airports -- the question of this type of service at the Hayward Airport is not an idle one. Why the City commissioned the report at this time is unknown. Perhaps the intention was simply to float the idea of passenger service, so that in five years or so, when there is an actual proposal for passenger service, it can be said that the idea has been discussed "for a long time."

The report, "Feasibility Analysis for Passenger Air Service at Hayward Airport," was prepared by Tri-Star Marketing Co. (5150 East Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 200, Long Beach CA 90804). The body of the report is 16 pages and is available from the airport.