Two New Passenger Jet Terminals Under Construction at Hayward

JAN. 23, 2016

Two new jet aircraft facilities are under construction at Hayward's airport and expected to begin operation later this year.

This month APP Jet Center begins building a 20,000 square foot hangar that will include offices and passenger amenities. In addition, an adjacent hangar formerly operated by Ameriflight (a courier service) is being renovated by APP Jet Center, giving the company a total of 30,000 square feet of hangar space at Hayward. APP Jet Center provides full services for private jet aircraft pilots and passengers. The new facilities will allow APP to develop a higher volume of traffic.

Meridian Air Charter is constructing a 30,000 square foot hangar and office area as well as passenger facilities. The company has its own fleet of aircraft (see Meridian fleet). Meridian's website says that its facility at Hayward Airport will be its West Coast base for passenger charter service, and that the company is "actively working on adding to our fleet of managed aircraft based at the new [Hayward] facility."

Meridian operates a major passenger facility at the Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, where jet noise issues have long embroiled the Federal Aviation Administration and the airport owner (the New York and New Jersey Port Authority) in a struggle with neighboring communities, high-level state politicans, and local representatives in the Congress. An aircraft weight limit is an important factor in limiting noise growth, and in 2003 the Congress ordered the FAA to stop its efforts to remove the weight limit.

More details will follow in an updated news article.

The airport manager, Doug McNeeley, can be reached by e-mail at Douglas.McNeeley@hayward-ca.gov or by phone at 510.293.8678.