Airplane Banner Breaks Loose During Flight

JAN. 27, 2013

An advertising sign being towed by an airplane broke loose and fell to the ground in downtown San Francisco yesterday, damaging power lines at the intersection of Fifth and Brannan streets. Almost 2,000 PG&E customers were without power as a result.

Justin Faye, who runs FlySigns.com, a company that makes airplane banners, reportedly said that in 23 years he could not recall a banner falling off a plane and onto the ground without the plane falling with it. "I've never had one just cut loose and drop."

Showing once again that if something can happen, it will.

San Francisco police reported that the single-engine plane towing the banner was registered to Ad-Viation, a San Ramon-based company.

Banner-towing aircraft often operate from the Hayward Airport.

Source: Bay Area News Group