Up to 14,000 New Regional Aircraft Forecast Over Next 20 Years

JUNE 1, 2000

Worldwide demand for 20-120 seat airliners -- the fastest-growing segment of the market -- will total almost 14,000 new aircraft from now through 2020, according to a new global forecast produced by Aviation Daily and BACK Aviation Solutions.

Deliveries of these "regional aircraft" -- almost all of which will be jet-powered -- will outstrip those of larger commercial planes produced by Boeing Co. and Airbus Industrie. While Boeing and Airbus have introduced smaller versions of their existing models for the regional market, they must play catch-up with a trio of nimble planemakers, Bombardier of Canada, Brazil's Embraer and Fairchild Dornier of the U.S. and Germany, who together have booked about 2,000 orders and options.

Among other findings of the four-volume World Fleet Forecast for 20-120 Seat Aircraft:

The U.S. will account for nearly half of the regional aircraft deliveries over the next 20 years, but deliveries to European carriers will be significant and will grow faster.

Labor agreements between airlines and their pilots will restrict the number and size of regional aircraft deployments early in the period, but those labor restrictions will give way to growing demand for jet service at non-hub airports.

Turboprops will remain in the smaller end of the 20-120 seat fleet, but demand for new propeller-driven commercial aircraft will decline steeply and be met by the existing fleet.

Source: Aviation Daily