San Lorenzo Citizens Fighting Airport Noise

Pilot Training at Hayward Executive Airport

Student pilots are often asked to take off, immediately return to the airport, land, and take off again in a repetitive pattern. This is called "touch and go operations". It is a major source of noise problems at small, general aviation airports like Hayward.

In order to reduce this problem, it is important that residents near the Hayward Airport continue to demand of local flight schools that instructors impress on students the importance of following "fly friendly" take-off patterns and avoid flying over homes. (Instructors are present in the aircraft with students.) The information below (current as of Feb. 11, 2013) is meant to help residents communicate with local flight training schools when there is a noise problem.

To identify the owner of an aircraft, write down the number painted on the aircraft (the "N number"), usually on the rear portion of the plane's body, and enter the number at the following FAA data base:

Aircraft Registry

Fixed-wing Aircraft Training

ATP Flight School

Owner = Airline Transport Professionals, PO Box 1784, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32004

Business status in California: unknown

Local address: 20511 Skywest Drive, Hayward, CA 94541; 800-255-2877.

Aircraft in use: (not identified at this time)

Website = ATP Flight School Hayward website

Facebook =

E-mail =

California Airways

Owner = Keith Amaro

Business status in California: incorporated.

Local address: 22693 Hesperian Blvd., Ste. 220, Hayward, CA 94541; 887-7686.

Aircraft in use:

N172CA (Cessna 172)
N296ME (Cessna 172)
N4940H (Cessna 152)
N6712P (Beechcraft Twin Duchess)
N64087 (Cessna 172)
N66970 (Cessna 152)
N733PV (Cessna 172)
N757HH (Cessna 152)

Website = California Airways website

Facebook = California Airways Wall

E-mail =

Five Rivers Flight Training

Principal = Harpreet Sandhu

Business status in California:

Type = Limited liability corporation
Name = Five Rivers Flight Training, LLC
Entity no. = 200726410124
Filed = Sept. 18, 2007

Main office = 2986 Mallorca Way, Union City, CA 94587; 366-2659

Aircraft in use:

N387D (Cessna 172)
N737GM (Cessna 172)
N738VA (Cessna 172)
N738VU(Cessna 172)
N945SM(Cessna 172)

Website = None identified

Facebook = N/A

E-mail = N/A

Flying Vikings

Established 1989 at Hayward Airport.

President = Mats Salomonsson (25772 Cloverfield Ct., Castro Valley, CA 94552)

Business status in California: incorporated

Main office = 21593 Skywest Drive, Hayward l94541; 510.259.0824.

Aircraft in use: (not identified at this time)

Website = Flying Vikings website

Facebook = Flying Vikings Wall

E-mail =

Hayward Flight School

CEO = Abel Cavalie

Business status in California: (unknown at this time)

Local office = 19990 Skywest Drive, Hayward 94541; 259-0824.

Aircraft in use:

Cessna 150
Cessna 152
Cessna 172
Cessna 172SP
Cessna 172RG
Piper Seminole (Twin Complex)

Website = Hayward Flight website

Facebook = Hayward Flight Wall

E-mail =

Helicopter Training

Vertical CFI Helicopters

Principal = Wayne Prodger

Business status in California: privately held

Type =
Name =
Entity no. =
Filed =
Address =
Agent for service of process =

Local office = 19990 Skywest Dr Hayward, CA 94541; 650.274.1656.

Aircraft in use = Robinson R-22 and R-44 helicopters (see images)

Website = Vertical CFI website

Facebook = N/A

E-mail =

[Updated Feb. 11, 2013]