San Lorenzo Citizens Fighting Airport Noise

Why San Lorenzo FAN?

The quality of life in San Lorenzo is under attack by aircraft from the Hayward Executive Airport and Oakland International Airport.

Since the Hayward airport opened as a civil aviation airfield in 1947, San Lorenzo Village residents have repeatedly expressed concern for their safety and demanded protection from airport noise. San Lorenzo residents were effective in getting the City of Hayward to enact an airport noise-abatement ordinance in 1975 and updating the ordinance in 1991 (Ordinance No. 91-16).

Now, helicopter operations are increasing at the airport, and the City of Hayward has a vision of its airport becoming the Bay Area's premiere corporate jet terminal (hence the name change in 1999 from Hayward Air Terminal to Executive Airport).

Dramatic increases in air traffic at Oakland International Airport since 1997, particularly in air cargo flights, have brought unprecedented jet aircraft noise to San Lorenzo.

San Lorenzo residents are organized to combat the impact of the Hayward and Oakland airports on the quality of life and property interests of residents. If you would like to participate, contact Howard Beckman (hpb AT frys DOT com).

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[Revised Feb. 10, 2013]